Saturday, May 7, 2016

How to Learn the Ugaritic Alphabet Ludicrously Fast

Learning memory techniques before starting a language is bound to save you hundreds of hours and buckets of needless sweat. I'm going to illustrate this by showing how you can learn the Ugaritic alphabet. Cuneiform is such a homogeneous script that remembering it feels like doing differential equations while watching c-span, but the key here is to jettison all that nonsense your 3rd grade schoolmarm told you about "focusing" and start daydreaming like an idiot. Light speed is too slow. You want to go ludicrous speed. The following mnemonics can be printed and added to flashcards, but the best way to get them in useful resolution is to login to the free flashcard website Memrise where I've uploaded them to this course.
After an hour or so playing around with the app, you should be reading the basic words in the course. You'd be surprised how much of the vocabulary you'll remember from Hebrew.


  1. Hi Ben,
    I tried to email this to you, but my computer wasn't cooperating. Have you seen this:
    I enjoy reading Remythologized, thanks for keeping it up.

  2. Hey Ben, can you write an article about the Lake of Fire? Do you think it is forever?

    I don't know any Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek but it is useful to check for translation accuracy. Do you happen to know any site with a better Hebrew morphology? You know instead of put it simply as noun and verb just like this:

    It should show plurality, gender and so on just like this: